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Geohumus in USA

We are very pleased to announce the newly formed partnership between Geohumus North America and National Garden Wholesale. NGW will be the exclusive retail distributor of Geohumus in the United States. 500 of their dealers around the country will begin selling Geohumus in 1# and 10# units. For ordering information or to find a dealer nearest you, please click on the link below.


Geohumus is a breakthrough patented technology using organic polymer and volcanic rock flour to create a granular soil media additive that greatly increases plant-available water. Geohumus can be used by anyone who grows plants to reduce water demand by upwards of 30 percent. -- while actually enhancing plant growth, quality and shelf life, especially in pay-by-scan markets. Geohumus is available from National Garden Wholesale

More news and updates will be coming soon!