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< Weltwassertag 2010: Geohumus – ein Investment, das Wasser spart
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World Water Day 2010: Geohumus – an investment that saves water

Geohumus - Water is a great growth story

Frankfurt am Main - Geohumus International GmbH has developed an innovative technology to save water in the form of a soil additive. The company thus provides an important impetus for solutions to resolve potential conflicts coming with climate change, global population growth and water shortages. The increasing cost of water worldwide will also help boost the use of Geohumus’ water storing granulates. Geohumus International has received numerous national and international environmental, innovative and technological awards since its founding in 2005.

Such an innovation is especially noteworthy now for the 17th annual UN-sponsored World Water Day in 2010 with its theme „Clean Water For a Healthy World.” The United Nations uses this event to focus global attention on fresh water and to push for the „sustainable management of freshwater resources.“

This is the basis of the Geohumus story. „A company’s business also affects the stake holder, society, the environment and the economy. We hope our impact will be to influence and direct us toward sustainable development,“ said Geohumus founder and CEO Dr. Wulf Bentlage. In addition to its obvious economic goal to grow and expand its international network via subsidiaries and retail outlets, Geohumus also has a responsibility to make a valuable contribution to the environment and to sensitive a society on how it uses water, said Bentlage.

That helps explain why Geohumus already enjoys a good reputation in countries and areas already threatened by growing deserts. On the Arabian Peninsula, Geohumus’ granulates have been used as soil additives for rows of palm trees and even large date palm plantations. Universities in Giessen, Germany, and Ismaelia, Egypt, are using Geohumus for Egyptian mango plantations, while in Welzow, Germany, arid places have used Geohumus to recultivate their region. In the USA, Middle East or Australia, where partners with local know-how have signed up, Geohumus International focuses on countries that will quickly demonstrate the advantages of using their soil additive and it pays off.

„More than 70% of the worldwide fresh water resources are used for agriculture, producing both food and raw materials. Increasing efficiency is absolutely necessary in this area, in order to meet future challenges,“ surmised Geohumus boss Bentlage.

Geohumus is an lucrative investment
Holger Behrens was a successful businessman and investor in London before he invested in Geohumus and joined the company as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2007. The company and its products more than convince Behrens: „Geohumus International is a start-up company whose expansion strategy is strategically being pushed forward by its visionary management team. The product convinces with its highly innovative aspect – putting Geohumus into the lucrative investment class.“

Geohumus founder Bentlage adds: „Geohumus should become the preferred soil additive product worldwide for aiding agriculture or greening deserts. Its our goal to produce earnings by saving valuable water, especially in those regions suffering from a water shortage.“

SKion Gmbh takes a stake in Geohumus
As of June 2009, SKion GmbH, the investment company of Ms. Susanne Klatten, took a 28.9% stake in Geohumus International GmbH. „We view this investment by SKion as clear evidence that the time has come when environmental ideas can also be economically successful,“ stressed Bentlage.

About Geohumus: The development, production and sales of the soil additive products Geohumus and Geohorse are the task of this innovative and award-winning company.

Geohumus International was founded in 2005 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The start of Geohumus was preceded by seven years of intensive research. The first material for samples and sales was produced in 2006. The market launch of Geohorse followed shortly afterwards. The Hessen state Economics Ministry was quick to realize the potential in Geohumus. After its first high point of winning the Frankfurter Founders Prize in 2005, followed both the Hessen and national German Founders awards in 2006, the Environmental Award (3rd Place) in 2007 from the Foundation for Work and the Environment of the Environmental Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Geohumus was selected by the Initiative „Germany-Land of Ideas“ in 2007 for another award and has won several other prizes.

Today the firm has more than 20 employees working at its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, and the company’s own factory can produce up to 25,000 metric tons of Geohumus granulates per year. Its global sales network and international customer base continue to expand, with subsidiaries founded already in the USA with the help of investors, and others are expected to follow in several other countries.

Its own Research & Development department profits from its basis of several years research in the field and its know-how with the super-absorbent technology. In addition to continual improvements to its current product, other uses for Geohumus are also being explored.

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