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Message from the CEO


Welcome to the website of Geohumus!

We have a relatively brief and yet all the more eventful past to look back on. A great deal has happened since the founding of Geohumus in 2005. The success of the product and the founding of the company have been honored and distinguished many times over. In addition to the engineering challenges posed by the expansion of the company's production, we have also managed to build a worldwide distribution network and customer base and have completed numerous projects and studies in collaboration with academic institutions and commercial partners which qualify the use of Geohumus for the widest range of applications.

Geohumus has taken on the task of not only improving the soil in your garden or flowerpot, but making a contribution to a better future. On our web pages you will find a wealth of information about our involvement, our visions and also learn a bit about the company, but first and foremost you will learn about our innovative products.  Discover Geohumus!


Holger Behrens