Corporate Responsibility


Our principles shape our company culture, provide orientation for our behaviour and our decision-making and are compulsory for our business processes and our entrepreneurial activity.

Innovation for long-term competitiveness

Long-term creation of value and competitiveness can only be guaranteed by continual product improvement and innovative development. We develop and optimise our products through continuous dialogue with our customers.

Safety, health and environmental protection

We create products which are harmless in their use and biodegradable in a safe manufacturing process. Our economic goals do not have primacy over safety, health and the environment.


We provide our partners, customers and employees with comprehensive and coherent information. Detailed information in regard to our research work and projects can be viewed at any time.

Sustainable success

Sustainable success is not only fundamental value, it is also the goal  of our activities. We create value in the interest of our customers and employees and, in the process, actively assume responsibility for man, society and nature. 


We act in accordance with our principles and at the same time observe the rules of free competition. We accept no measure of corruption whatsoever.

Social responsibility

We respect and support the upholding of internationally recognised human rights and respect the customs of the countries in which we operate. Economic interests take a back seat to health and environmental protection and safety.

Respect for the individual

The success of the company depends on the involvement of all employees. Therefore every individual must be treated with respect and dignity. We also treat our business partners with fairness, so that an open exchange of ideas can advance the productivity of our cooperation.

Corporate Responsibility


Mission Statement and Corporate Goals

We enjoy a corporate culture that encourages people to think and act responsibly. We don't shy away from difficult situations and decisions. This culture allows us to understand our clients' needs better and "put ourselves in their shoes".

Innovation for long-term leadership in the market

Long-term value creation and can only be achieved by continuous product develoment and the proverbial attention to detail. We never stop to develop our materials and adapt to them to best suit the needs of our clients. When it comes to plants and soil there is no "one size fits all".

Health, Safety and Environment

Our manufacturing processes are safe and quality-controlled at all production stages. Using our products is equally safe and poses no risk to the health of our clients' workers. Ecologic responsibility is key for us, from raw material to end product.


Our partners, clients and employee have access to comprehensive documentation and information, from research as well as application references.


We act according to internationally accepted rules of conduct. While understanding differences in culture, we remain true to our own principles of doing things right. We do not accept or entertain corruption.

Responsibility for society

We respect and encourage the acceptance of international human rights. Our employees are trained to operate within many different cultures and respect local rules and customs.