Our future is threatened by climate change, water shortages, resources running short and a growing population with little inclination to change consumption habits. It is time for sustainable innovations, intelligent products and technologies which are designed compensate present consumer behavior. This next generation of products is generally more efficient, reduces waste, preserves resources and/or is made from renewable raw materials.

Geohumus and MaaGran are innovative, next generation products!
The hybrid material provides for an efficient water and nutrient household in soils. The material defines a new material class, forming the basis of a patent portfolio to secure technology leadership.

Geohumus' strategic focus is to become a key provider of water efficiency materials for agriculture, landscaping and private households, with strong growth prospects and highly attractive financial returns. Our customer base and world-wide sales network are continuously growing. Further expansion and the creation of local subsidiaries in identified regions with high growth potential and ease of access are an important part of Geohumus' growth strategy.

For the realization of this strategy we are seeking financially strong investors and sales partners with knowledge of the sectors related to our products and an established customer network.Contact us in Frankfurt for further details and concepts for a cooperation.

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The time is right for sustainable technologies.  The demand for next generation products that balance economic and ecologic criteria is growing steadily.

Geohumus already manufactures resource friendly and ecologic products with a huge market potential. Geohumus granulates constitute a new material class and hence the patent protection is excellent.

The company's strategic focus is to become a key provider of advanced soil amendment technology. Our client base is growing steadily. 

To realize the potential there is, we encourage a true partnership approach in developing national markets. If you are a partner with market access and a client base in your country, let's talk. We look forward to working out a plan to grow together!