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April 15 - October 16, 2011
BUGA, Bundesgartenschau is Germany's National Horticultural Show in Koblenz.
The show, like the city, spans the Rhine River where it meets the Mosel. A cable car connects visitors over the Rhine to connect the 125-acres of gardens. The Upper Rhine Valley is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so the expected two million visitors to BUGA will have lots to see both in and around the garden show. Geohumus is an official partner of BUGA, with its water-saving qualities especially necessary as rainfall is far below the norm so far in 2011.

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Water is our element - water saving is our business

After many years of intensive research scientists from Geohumus have succeeded in developing Geohumus, a soil additive with excellent water absorbing and release properties.
It is a unique material combining an efficient water absorbing polymer with mineral components. The sponge-like odorless granulate retains its structural stability in the soil together with its high water absorption and release capacity. The key benefit of Geohumus is that it provides more plant available water over an extended period of time, compared to typical soils without Geohumus.

Geohumus offers the following benefits to the user:

  • Improved water usage efficiency
  • Prolonged intervals between irrigations
  • Reduces cost of labor
  • Reduced fertilizer consumption due to decreased leaching effect
  • Increased Root Development leading to healthier plants

Application Areas of Geohumus include:

  • Private consumer / Retail: Market gardening (flowers, vegetables and fruits), home gardening and landscaping
  • Nurseries: Trees and flowers, seed production
  • Public greens: Parks, roadside greening, public green areas
  • Turf grass application & Maintenance: Golf courses and sport fields, hotels
  • Agriculture: Drip irrigated agriculture
  • Revegetation, reforestation, reclaimation of marginalland, suppresion of salinisation, combats desertification, and greatly reduces dust