Geohumus is a new type of soil enhancer manufactured in Germany that exhibits excellent water retention qualities. This granulate is made up of two components: an organic water-retaining material similar to that used in nappies, and mineral "soil enhancers" in the form of volcanic rock dust, clay and silicates.

Geohumus can actually absorb up to 40-times its own weight in water. The water and the dissolved nutrients are stored near the roots and released as needed. The process can be repeated many hundred times.

Drought stress is clearly reduced, water and fertilizer are conserved, and the plants evenly supplied with water. The mineral mix of ground lava stone and nutrients aids the growth phase and results in prettier blooms.

In numerous studies it has been shown that the use of Geohumus leads to improved root formation, faster and better growth of plants, a greater yield and earlier harvest.

Geohumus professional is packed in 20kg buckets. It should be stored in a cool and dry place.


Maagran is the perfect product for building site managers

  • Improved water management in lose soil, e.g. on temporary construction roads
  • Reduces irrigation quantity by up to 75%
  • Is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biologically degradable

MaaGran is an earth-colored, spongy granulate which stores water and returns it to the environment. MaaGran controls the degree of humidity of the ground and reduces dust formation. Especially in open areas, where the water is quickly evaporated during hot summer days and which must be irrigated frequently, MaaGran reduces evaporation and thereby regulates the soil moisture. This can be critical, when building sites are situated in densely populated areas, where dust management is key.

MaaGran expands through the absorption of liquid and then shrinks back when releasing water to its environment. This process is repeated  many hundred times.

MaaGran is biodegradable and loses its effect after approximately 1 year.

MaaGran is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The use of MaaGran is easy and economical. The recommended quantity is evenly incorporated into the construction material or ground. The dosing of MaaGran is 200-300 g per m² and it is supplied in 25 kg PE bags.

MaaGran should be stored in a cool and dry place.