Professional and Commercial Users

Cemetery gardeners

Whether it involves seasonal planting, box planting, shrubs or planters, Geohumus is highly suitable for use in the cemetery.
With the use of Geohumus you reduce your maintenance and thus the care costs.

Geohumus - in soil and substrate

Geohumus is mixed directly into the ground or substrate and stores up to 40 times its own weight in water. The use of Geohumus is especially recommended for light, sandy soil with a low water-retaining capacity.

Save water - lower the amount of work

Geohumus expands like a sponge, absorbing the water which is normally lost through surface draining, leaching and evaporation. Plants can absorb this stored water through their roots as needed.  Watering does not have to take place as frequently - every third watering can be dispensed with.

Prevention of water logging

Water logging is avoided through the porous structure of Geohumus.

Better and faster root penetration

Geohumus stimulates the growth of plant roots In Geohumus, plant roots find a favorable environment that is rich in water, oxygen and nutrients. This environment ensures optimal development of the roots.

Better nutrient utilization

Along with the absorbed water, the nutrients released in it are also stored in the root area and can be used more efficiently as a result. The drainage of nutrients is significantly reduced.

Soil structure and soil life

The expansion and shrinking during the absorption and release of water loosens the soil. Through the improvement of the soil structure, soil life and microbial activity are stimulated and the resupply of plant nutrients is promoted.

Healthier plants, increased and stronger flowering, longer flowering time

The combination of improved water supply, improved nutrient utilization, stimulation of the soil life and better root penetration ensure the strengthening of plants. Depending on the plant type, more biomass emerges, more flowering occurs and the flowering time lasts longer.

Frost protection for brief, unexpected cold spells

Geohumus increases the heat storage capacity of the soil. Frost damage from temporary fluctuations in temperature near the freezing point, as can be expected in the spring and autumn, is reduced with Geohumus.

Environmental compatibility

This is the result of numerous toxicological and ecotoxological reports. The characteristics of Geohumus last for 3-5 years, depending on the soil type.
Soil animals provide for the physical reduction of the Geohumus aggregate, whereas fungi and bacteria provide for the biological decomposition of the material.

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